New 100 12 months 7 Event six Review: Nakara

New 100 12 months 7 Event six Review: Nakara

The fresh new storylines into the 100 can be solid, even so they need room to expand. Alternatively, the inform you strikes the new accelerator in order to smack the braking system just after the storyline starts to head somewhere essential.

During the a hundred Year 7 Episode 6, the group to your Nakara had to select the brick locate them to Bardo. However their travels got difficult once they belong to a good creature one wasn’t exactly friendly.

Nelson wants fairness for just what happened so you’re able to his somebody. Nikki wants payback to have Hatch providing slain because of the Raven’s lies. And Sheiheda just wants to get a hold of you to definitely enjoy chess which have while in Sanctum.

There clearly was a-shake-right up inside Bardo when the group had more important, however their reasons score scattered. Gabriel was forced to knock folks away for their protection, surrendering to help you Bardo along the way.

„Nakara,“ published by Erica Meredith, is good quicksand approach to stretching a story your 100 isn’t rushing to tell. (mehr …)